Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Obskuru presents Sure Shots Of The Day Vol. 0


Obskuru presents Sure Shots Of The Day Vol. 0 (Rare Contact Records RC-1023)

Kinda best-of more common digs that hav been in rotation here and there plus some longer-no-heard-classics, no big surprises this time, but all of em good to hav in one folder fo sure ;


A01. Slim Bertha
A02. Shut Paranoia
A03. Trama Nella Metropoli
A04. Under London Lights
A05. Penwick
A06. Cooler
A07. Psychedelic Mood
A08. Moto Perpetuo
A09. Col Fiato In Gola
A10. Repetition Echo
A11. Detroit Leanin'
A12. This Heavy Feelin'

B01. Pusher
B02. Reaction
B03. Dirottamento
B04. Malice
B05. Five Dolls
B06. Puppet On A Chain
B07. Titus
B08. BJ's Step
B09. Chase The Pusher
B10. Whistler On The Rocks
B11. Buck Town
B12. Boss Nigger

As always ;), big props to them musicians, uppers & deep groove appreciators out there! ;)


  1. Looking forward to this. It does look very good. Great cover.

  2. Looks like a great album - awsome cover-art as usual! I am sure, it`will make my day!

  3. Not only Klassic in there...Wonderful selection as always ;)

  4. have all the links been taken down ? cant see any