Sonntag, 29. März 2009

Obskuru presents Sure Shots Of The Day Vol. 1


Obskuru presents
Sure Shots Of The Day Vol. 1

(Rare Contact Records RC-1001)

Motion Digtures used:

The Professionals TV-Series (1977)
Maladolescenza (1977)
Champ Cherokee (1972)
Squadra Antigangsters (1979)
Chopper Squad TV-Series (1977)
Eurogang TV-Series (1975)
The Amazing Spiderman TV-Series (1978)
Und wieder ist Freitag der 13. (1982)
Apocalypse Domani (1980)
The Black Godfather (1974)
Le Pacha (1968)
Black Samurai (1976)


A1. Laurie Johnson - Foxhole On The Roof Pt. 2
A2. Jürgen Drews & Pippo Caruso - L'Incubo E Il Serpento
A3. Carlo Pes - The Riff (Champ Cherokee Soundtrack)
A4. Goblin feat. Asha Puthli - The Sound Of Money
A5. Ray Davies - Making It
A6. Can - Hunters And Collectors
A7. Jacky Giordano - Tablasse
A8. R. Walter - Beat Build Up (Dramatic Climax)
A9. Unknown Artist - Spiderbreak

B1. Harry Manfredini & Michael Zager - Theme From Friday The 13th Part III
B2. Alex Blonksteiner - Apocalypse
B3. Laurie Johnson - Hijack 
B4. Martin Yarbrough - Untitled (Black Godfather Soundtrack)
B5. Resonance - Boxing Joe
B6. R. Walter - Double Dealer
B7. Jacky Giordano - Cite
B8. Serge Gainsbourg - Cadavres En Serie
B9. Sammy Burdson - Hurricane Wheels c
Shoutz ;) to them musicians, uppers & deep groove appreciators! ;)